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.uk ROR Domain Name Catching

As you will know, on the 1st July 2019 domain names that have had the .uk variant of the domain name reserved by Nominet will expire and the domain names will become available for anyone to register.


Will you be publicly catching domain names?

Yes. We have been asked by a few domain drop catchers if we will be offering a catching service for this period and after a lot of thought, we have now decided to offer this service.

Success of catching?

Were not sure how successful we will be when catching domain names during this period, what we know (or have assumed) is that the domain names will be released randomly over a 5 day period.
So as this will spread the chances of catching out, we dont know when the domain names will become available, so this means that we will have to periodically check the domain name over the 5 day period, and as there will be a lot of domain names that we will be chasing, it could be that we get lucky on a few domain names.

How many EPP connections will you have?

We will be running with the maximum allowed EPP connections, 150 / minute.
  • Domain names that are requested are processed in date and time order. First come, first served.
  • If a domain name has already been booked by someone else in our system, the first person to book the domain name will be rewarded the domain name if successfully caught.
  • A positive account balance is required to cover each domain name. £10 deposits to be added to your Untagged domain account.
  • A refundable deposit of £10 per domain name booking is required on your account before the domain name request will be accepted.
  • Approximately every 24 hours, if you have any domain names that have been registered for you, we will send you a PayPal invoice for these domain names.
  • Payment is expected 24 hours from the invoice time and date.

Why do you charge a Booking Fee?

This is a good question asked before by a few users, here are a few points for people to consider:

  • A domain name registration, once processed has to be paid for by the registrar. Us being the registrar would have to foot the bill for all registrations, even if our customer doesnt pay for the domain names, we still have to pay for them, we dont really need more domain names, especially domain names requested by our users, we choose our own domain names we want to register.
  • A malicious user could book many domain names, this would slow our system down chasing domain names that they do not intend to pay for, this could potentially give another catching system an advantage as our system is clogged up catching worthless domains.
  • We can not take the full amount up front as this amount maybe quite large, we dont want to be holding this amount on behalf of our customers, so a £10 nominal fee is held.
  • This amount will be used towards any registrations and is completely refundable after the catching process or kept on your account.

Domain name transfers

As per the current system, all domain name registrant changes and transfers are included in the price.

How to make a booking?

A link will become available in your Untagged members account when we are accepting bookings for general users.

What is Dropcatching or Backordering?

Dropcatching or back ordering is a way to acquire a domain name that is already registered by someone else. When the current owner of a domain name does not renew the name's registration it goes into a reclamation period of approximately 3 months, this allows the current owner to stake their claim on a domain name before it is released back to the public for general registration by anyone.

Our service allows you to try and catch these names the split-second they become available to the public, we do this by querying the Nominet whois for the domain name and the second it becomes available, we send the register command to the registry.

If we catch the domain name, the person with the highest bid on the name will be the owner of the new name.

There are no charges for our service, unless we register a domain name you have chosen to place a bid on and we have successfully caught the domain name for you.

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