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Help and FAQ of the Untagged Domain Name Catching service
  • Be your own domain name dropcatcher - domain trade like a professional with our Nominet DAC and EPP TAG Hosting.
    • For only £150 / month we can host your Nominet TAG for you on its own server. You will control your very own instance of our custom software written in C++. You control the domain names to chase, you control the DAC query rate, you add, remove, change as often as you like the settings and domain names your own dropcatcher will be chasing.
      Signup now, setup is £25 (one off) and then there is a monthly fee of £150/month. You will need to be a Nominet member with DAC and EPP access.
      We give you a password protected admin area so you can control your dropcacther domain names and query rates.
  • What do these colours mean in my domain name lists : £25 
    • These colours and symbols mean that someone else is bidding on this domain name, the blue colour and red cross mean that someone else has the highest bid. You can bid higher on this name if you like, but this will be the price you pay if the domain name is caught. You can only bid upto the amount available in your account.
  • How new is this?
    • Not very, as you can see by the layout this has been running for years now, the Untagged domain catcher has its moments when it catches some good domain names. When I get time, I will update the website and have a better UI.
  • What is it about?
    • You want to book a back order of a domain name for tomorrow? Great, because that is what we do, we monitor the names for tomorrow, you see one you like, you place an amount you are willing to pay for the domain name starting from £25. Yes we are the cheapest in the industry at the moment, only £25 for us to try and catch a domain name for you.
  • How does it work?
    • You will need to pre-charge your account using PayPal. The credit in your account is how much you can bid on domain names. For example, if you have £100 in your account, you can bid on domain names up to that amount. This is so that we do not get people abusing the system bidding for everything and nothing being caught. You then place a bid on to a domain name you want us to try and catch for you. The highest bidder at 23:59:00 on that evening will be the winner of the domain name if the name is caught. If the name is not caught, the bid will be cancelled and all your bid credit will be returned to your account for future bidding.

      At the moment the system will run from 00:00:01 to 23:59:00, this means that you can log in to your account and bid on tomorrows dropping names any time up until 23:59:00. After 23:59:00, no more bids will be accepted by the system and if the domain name is sucessfully caught by our TAG (or our associated network TAGs) you will be awarded the domain name, the funds will automatically be taken from your account and we will transfer the domain name to you as and when it is convenient.
  • Charges?
    • When you pre-charge your account, we only add the amount of money PayPal sends us, for example, if you send us £50 then PayPal takes approximately £1.90 as fees, your account will be credited £48.10.
      The £6 registration charge is included in the bid price.
      The £12 transfer charge is NOT included in the fee and will be paid by you when we transfer the domain names to you. This payment is taken directly by Nominet, it is their registration transfer charge, if you choose to transfer 1 or 100 names, you pay the nominal £12 fee.
      The final bid price is the only fees you need to pay us, there are no hidden fees anywhere.
  • Cancel a bid?
    • Bids can NOT be cancelled. Be very sure before you place any bids that you want the domain name if we register it and you are the highest bidder, you will be responsible for paying for it from your existing credit.
  • Place bids?
    • Once you enter the amount you want to bid in the box next to the domain and click the "Place bids" button at the top of the domain list page, your bids will be placed into the system. There are no "are you sure" checks before the bids are placed. It is your responsibility to make sure the bids are correct before clicking the button. This is to ensure that last minute bids can be placed with out any extra prompts.
  • Priority Catching
    • Priority bids can be placed on the system, this happens when a bid is placed with the value of £50 or above. So if a domain name has a bid of £49 or less and another domain name has a bif of greater than or equal to £50, the domain name with a bid of greater than or equal to £50 takes priority over the lower domain name bids. If the domain name with a bid of £50 "drops" the lesser bid domains are then monitored as usual.
  • Dropcatching?
    • Domain names are dropping every minute of every day, *.uk domain names are very popular and profitable to sell on if you have the right buyer, the problem is beating the other domainers out there. There are some professionals who have been in the business for years who have made a fortune from it. Why not try yourself, you could bag yourself a great domain name for as little as £25.

      As everyone will tell you, the more dropcatching services that are chasing a domain name for you, the more likely you are to end up with the domain name.
  • Can I help, I am a Nominet Member?
    • We may be looking to take on other peoples DAC queries for our domain catching, what this means is, if you are a Nominet member and have access to the DAC and EPP systems but dont have your own Dropcatching service, you can "loan" its usage to us. It will take some setting up, but once it is done you could be making money from loaning your DAC access out to us. Please be aware, we ALWAYS work within Nominets user agreement and terms and conditions. We do not and will not combine DAC queries, it is too much of a risk, the benefits of being Nominet member outway the benefits of not being a nominet member. We could use your queries to keep our domain name lists up to date.
  • Future plans
    • Yes we have plenty of ideas for the site, if it takes off and starts to do well, but first we are seeing if this service will be popular and will go from there.
  • Contact us
    • You can contact us via if you need any help. Please give as much info as possible if you have any problems.

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