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14:22:40 2020-10-29 | Today closing in: 09:36:20
Help and FAQ of the Untagged Domain Name Catching service
  • From 09/06/2020 Untagged Limited announced that we would no longer be providing public domain name drop catching services.
    • This was decided for a number of reasons as detailed in the email sent to all our users. Basically it comes to time and lack of it. We have domain lists of around 24,000,000 .uk domain names in our database that we have to keep fresh as well as try and attempt domain catches. We only have 432,000 DAC queries in 24 hours and things were getting tight and took a lot of management.
  • Closing day.
    • Closing day for the Public Domain Name Auction System will be 30th June 2020. All accounts with credit will be refunded and all accounts will be deleted.
  • Be your own domain name dropcatcher - domain trade like a professional with our Nominet DAC and EPP TAG Hosting.
    • For only £150 / month we can host your Nominet TAG for you on its own server. You will control your very own instance of our custom software written in C++. You control the domain names to chase, you control the DAC query rate, you add, remove, change as often as you like the settings and domain names your own dropcatcher will be chasing.
      Signup now, setup is £25 (one off) and then there is a monthly fee of £150/month. You will need to be a Nominet member with DAC and EPP access.
      We give you a password protected admin area so you can control your dropcacther domain names and query rates.
  • What are you providing now as a service?
    • We are still providing a Hosted DAC solution. So if you have a Nominet membership with DAC and EPP access, we can setup a hosted solution for you. So we will setup our dropcatching software on your own personal server and you will manage your DAC query rates, domain names you would like to chase and all domain names will be registered directly to your Nominet TAG..
  • DAC Hosting Costs
    • We offer either a pre-paid solution or a pay as you go setup.
      Pre-paid is £150 per month - no domain costs.
      Pay as you go is £25 per domain name you register using our personal dropcatching service reducing to £10 per domain name if more than 10 domains in 30 days.
  • Dropcatching
    • Domain names are dropping every minute of every day, *.uk domain names are very popular and profitable to sell on if you have the right buyer, the problem is beating the other domainers out there. There are some professionals who have been in the business for years who have made a fortune from it. Why not try yourself, you could bag yourself a great domain name for as little as £25.

      As everyone will tell you, the more dropcatching services that are chasing a domain name for you, the more likely you are to end up with the domain name, if you want a domain, register with all catchers to try and get the domain for you.

  • Terms and Condition of the Untagged Hosted Catching Services:

    Free Dropcatching Service: As a part of the agreement, we require users to actively use the Free dropcatching service we provide. This consists of adding domain names to your catch list. Actively running the dropcatcher to attempt to catch the domain names in your list. And we also require at least one domain name to be registered through using the Free domain dropcatching service we provide per month. There is no limit of the amount of domain names a user can attempt to catch using this Free service. Users are invited to try out our services within the above guidelines and see if they meet the criteria for the Free dropcatching service we provide. If users do not meet the Free dropcatching service requirements as detailed above, after 30 days of service without a domain name registration through our system, we will notify the user and ask if they would like to either be moved to our Paid domain dropcatching service or if they would like to end their Free dropcatching service.

    Paid Dropcatching Service: Users who pay a monthly fee for our Paid hosted domain dropcatching service are free to add as many or as little domain names to their drop list as they seem fit. They are free to use the service to catch their own domain names or to attempt to catch domain names for other people. This service can be cancelled at any time by emailing Untagged. The service will begin on receipt of payment for the hosting. Each full payment will give you access for 30 days. A setup fee of £25 maybe payable.

  • Contact us
    • You can contact us via if you need any help. Please give as much info as possible if you have any problems.

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