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Untagged Domain Name Drop Catching and Backordering System

We are now only providing Nominet DAC / EPP Hosting - Free DAC hosting.
We no longer offer the public dropcatching service.

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Catches using Untagged services


Domains caught using Untagged hosted DAC services.

Free Nominet DAC/TAG Dropcatch Hosting

We are looking into offering FREE DAC / TAG / Dropcatch hosting.
You can catch as many .uk domain names for your customers or yourself.

  • We will setup a dropcatch server for you to manage and administer yourself.
  • You will need to supply your own Nominet TAG/DAC information.
  • Domain names will be registered directly to your Nominet TAG.
  • You add your own domain names and set your own DAC query rate.
  • You get your own password protected admin area.
  • When you catch a domain name using our system, you pay us £25 (+ your standard Nominet registration fee).
  • If you are interested in this service, please contact us:

Own Nominet DAC/TAG Dropcatch Hosting

We are now offering domain name TAG hosting for Nominet members with DAC and EPP access.

  • Hosting with an average < 2ms access to Nominet
  • Password protected user interface to administer query rate, domain names and configuration
  • Change the DAC query rate hourly
  • Add, change, remove domain names you want to catch
  • When the domain name is available, the system will automatically send the EPP Create command
  • Custom software written in C++

£150 / month , £25 one time setup fee. Contact us for more information.

What is Dropcatching or Backordering?

Dropcatching or back ordering is a way to acquire a domain name that is already registered by someone else. When the current owner of a domain name does not renew the name's registration it goes into a reclamation period of approximately 3 months, this allows the current owner to stake their claim on a domain name before it is released back to the public for general registration by anyone.

We are no longer providing a public dropcatching service only HOSTED DAC solutions.

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