Installation and Relocation Services

Computer installations and relocations

System Installations

It does not matter if you require assistance in an office, business, shop or in a home, we can help you with installing your new computers, televisions, CCTV cameras, servers, printers, desks and furniture, office working spaces or anything related that you need technical assistance with, we can help.

System Relocations

Sometimes you need to move computer equipment from one place to another, because of an office move or simply because you are moving desks, we can help with the move, making sure everything is installed correctly, the cabling is correct and your networks do not get damaged. We can relocate, office furniture, computers, printers, phones, anything. We can also make sure the correct cabling is available before you move your equipment.

Desk Moves

Moving desks? Let us relocate you to your new workspace.

Printers & Systems

We will cable in a new network port for your newly located printer & systems.

Let us do the Work

Tell us what you want and where you want it and we will do it.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We work to very high standards, we will work to make you happy.

Please contact us now detailing your requirements and we will do our best to help you out.
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