Careers with Untagged in York

Careers with Untagged.

Web Designer. PHP, MySQL, JavaScript & CodeIgniter
We have an ongoing project that requires someone with who knows or has an understanding of Linux and Windows operating systems, FTP, HTML, SSH, Remote Desktop and the usual Office tools (Word, Excel etc...).

Additionally the following skills are essential:
  • PHP - 2 Years +
  • MySQL - 2 Years +
  • JavaScript - 1 Year +
  • CodeIgniter - 1 Year +
Seeking IT People. Know IT and Computers? Servers? Contact Us
We have a call for good, reliable, driven, trustworthy, educated Computer Engineers to send their CV's to us. We are always on the look out for good talent. Keep in mind we get CV's sent to us each week, what make you stand out? Why are you better than the other applications?
Have a think about what you want to achieve over the next 5 years, how will working for us help you and help us?

How to apply

If you have the required skills as detailed above and you have a drive to succeed that is equal to ours (or better) and are keen to learn, please send us your CV and a cover letter using the email address found on the contact us page.

Why work for Untagged?

  •  We are a Growing IT and Web Design Company in York
    Have you heard of a better "Why work for us" introduction before?
    This should be the reason you want to work for and with us :) !
  •  Flexibility, we are a flexible employer
    If you prove to use you can perform while working from home, you do not need to come into the office every day. You can work from home, this makes everyone's life easier, no traffic jams, no car parking, no buses to catch as long as you are performing and we can see this, you can work from home sever times a week.
  •  Learning potential
    Everyone needs to learn new things to keep them interested. Staff that are doing the same things get bored, so we want you to learn new skills, this should keep you interested and focused. As we diversify across several industries, we can get you involved.
Domain-less internet service-less, we can help. Contact us to discuss becoming Untagged.