About Us

History about Untagged Limited?

Untagged is a Limited Company that was set up back in 2011 to help serve customers and businesses to establish an online presence on the internet, this is the reason the company is called Untagged. Untagged means "not having an identifying tag or label". If you do not have have a website or domain name, you are practically Untagged and invisible to the billions of people who use the internet every day.

Untagged has been operating in York since the beginning and has been offering domain name services since the start, we would look to register premium domain names for ourselves and our clients. As well as premium domain names, we would also look to register trademark names and copyright terms for our clients. Feel free to browse our domain names for sale and contact us regarding purchase.

We have now developed our business and are now serving Hardware customers. So if you have problems with your computer or laptop hardware, CCTV installations, Linux server support, Offsite Support, Offsite and onsite backups, Web design, InkJet printer services, Office or workstation moves we can help. Brows our website for a complete list of our products and services. If you can not find the exact product or service you are looking for, please contact us, we can probably help you.

With the new logo and website layout and design, we have a great future ahead of us, always growing our client base and skill set.

Get in touch today if you would like to be part of our future vision.

Our History

  •  2015 +
    With a new logo and website, Untagged can help with virtually IT, Internet or Computer related problem. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.
  •  2014
    With a change of direction, we are now supporting all the previous mentioned technologies along with offering Web design, CCTV services, TV and Satellite services, Network Solutions, Kodak and Scitex branded InkJet printers and Package Printers.
  •  2013
    Building on our skills, we worked on a larger range of the T Series printers, the T300 and T400 HP WebPress. The supporting of the systems included attending site breakdowns, parts replacement and mechanical, electrical, server and network fault diagnosis.
  •  2012
    We expand our service range and now offer programming, outsourced Linux server support and High Speed Digital Inkjet Printer support working with Hewlett Packard on their T Series Web Press printing systems driven by the Pitney Bowes IPPM Rip.
  •  2011
    Untagged Limited is setup and focuses on high speed domain name acquisitions in the UK name space. We have now built a comprehensive portfolio of domain names.
Untagged is when you dont have a domain name or website. Contact us to discuss becoming tagged.